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A Very Fine Line Between Trendy and Healthy – Things You Must Know

It seems like there’s always some new product out there that is promising to help get you fit and healthy, whether it’s a pill or a supplement, maybe it’s even some weird gadget you’re supposed to wear, it can even be a diet that is telling you that you need to remove something incredibly vital to your diet like (for instance) all vitamin B – because some pseudo-scientist somewhere has declared unilaterally that vitamin B is now bad for you. Then some celebrities catch wind of this thing that’s trending – lets call it for argument’s sake the “Anti-B diet”, and since they have plenty of money to burn most of the time, what’s the harm in trying something that might not work? Nothing lost in their case anyway, and some are offered a good deal of money to speak for the product itself even if it doesn’t work, lending false credibility to a questionable product. Continue reading

Incorporating Tannins into an Alkaline Diet

First it’s important to understand what tannins are, and then why they matter. A tannin is a biomolecule that performs as an astringent, bitter plant polyphenolic compound. It binds to and precipitates proteins as well as other organic compounds like amino acids and alkaloids. This means that tannins help make some indigestable things we need to stay healthy more easily absorbed by our body. As a natural astringent, it also acts as a deterrent for disease, helping to boost immunity as a natural anti-microbial agent. The growth of many fungi, yeasts, bacteria and viruses are inhibited by tannins, and have been well documented by various studies. It has also been shown to accelerate blood clotting, helping to reduce blood pressure, and decrease the serum lipid level which aids in weight loss. Continue reading

Double Your Results – Pairing Alkaline Living with Yoga

Yoga has been one of the strongest methods for achieving inner harmony, strength, and a ton of other health benefits for 5000 years plus. In terms of physicality, yoga has been shown to increase flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance. It also helps with energy by improving your ability to cope with stress, by using active and passive poses to help you find a sense of ease. It’s also helpful psychologically by creating mindfulness by allowing you to be aware of your sensations, thoughts and emotions with more clarity. When you pair the many benefits that yoga has provided people, with a clean diet plan like switching to an alkaline nutrition plan, you’re allowing your body to receive gains far more than just from what you’re eating, or simple exercise. Continue reading

How To Get Started The Alkaline Way

Many diets can crush your excitment about the change you want to undertake under a mountain of diet foods and bland flavors of things you don’t want to eat anyway.

The Alkaline Diet promises to be one of those diets that will forever change how you view food, and your health, and why sometimes what we eat tends to make us feel sluggish and unresponsive. Continue reading

Alkaline Acid Diet Basics

To maintain a proper blood pH the body uses up its own minerals. If your body is in an acidic state, calcium will be taken from your bones to balance it out. That is why eating sugar, dairy products and high quantities of carbs and meat can be damaging to the body on the long term. If you are eating alkaline diet foods instead, i.e. Continue reading

Alkaline Diet Foods: A Typical Alkaline Diet Day

The main thing to bear in mind regarding the alkaline diet day is that you will have to include 5 portions of fruit and vegetables daily. That means fruit for breakfast, fruit or veg for your mid-morning snack, vegetables at lunch, fruit or vegetables for your mid-afternoon snack and veg for dinner. Does that sound boring? Well actually there are are large variety of alkaline diet foods ways to make it varied enough so that you’ll have no difficulty. Continue reading

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