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Alkaline Acid Diet Basics

To maintain a proper blood pH the body uses up its own minerals. If your body is in an acidic state, calcium will be taken from your bones to balance it out. That is why eating sugar, dairy products and high quantities of carbs and meat can be damaging to the body on the long term. If you are eating alkaline diet foods instead, i.e. vegetables and low sugar fruits, your body will not be forced to deplete the body’s store of minerals to keep the balance (This is one of the major alkaline diet benefits). Acidic blood will also make your body produce cholesterol to protect the artery lining.

Your blood Ph will stay between 7.35-7.45. Ideally it should be 7.365

What is the Correct Alkaline Acid Diet in a Nutshell?

80% alkaline and 20% acidic is about right. Be careful not to confuse acidifying foods with acid foods. Limes, lemons and apple cider vinegar are acidic but they are excellent alkalinizing agents when metabolized. Make sure you include fruit and/or vegetables at each meal, and make the vegetables the main part of the meal. We tend to think of the salad or veggies as the side dish and the meat or carbs as the focus of the meal, just switching this thinking around will be greatly helpful.

Why Does an Alkaline Blood Ph Stop Disease?

Bacteria cannot thrive in an alkaline blood, nor can cancer cells. Even though the body does its best to maintain a perfect Ph, bad eating habits will cause minor Ph modifications in the long run which are not really taken into account by the mainstream medical profession, but which actually make a very big difference to your state of health.

Do Stress Levels Influence Blood Acidity?

Yes, unfortunately they do. Our constantly high stress levels caused by our modern way of life causes the release of acidifying fluids into our bloodstream. Every effort should be made keep our stress levels within an acceptable range. Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Dancing, Exercise and Breathing exercises can be helpful in keeping your stress levels down.

Be honest with yourself. Try to understant if you are stuck in a life you are not happy with but are too scared to change. Happiness is the single biggest key to health!

What Can I Eat in my Acidic 20%?

  • Processed food is a “non-food” and should be avoided. It has empty calories without vitamins, minerals or “earth energy”. On the contrary it is packed with synthetic additives which the body cannot metabolize. Since processed foods started to be used in the fifties the state of health of the population has dropped dramatically. By processed food we don’t only mean TV Dinners but also tinned food and other “unsuspectable foods” such as packaged health snacks.
  • Sugar should also be avoided as it is one of the most acidifying substances in nature. High and constant sugar levels breed disease. Sugary fruit should also be eaten in moderation.
  • Most people do not react well to dairy and if you notice you are having post-nasal drip, then one of the first things to do is get rid of the dairy in your diet.
  • Ideally your acidic 20% should be used to eat organic whole grains and good quality lean meat and fish.
  • However, what is important is your daily life and not the special occasions. Eating only alkaline on Christmass day is not necessary and will end up making you feel miserable and wanting to binge at some stage. Give yourself the correct foods as a sign of self-love, but allow yourself the special occasions.
  • You should be drinking a lot of water. Drink away from meals and possibly add some lemon juice to the water.
  • Avoid coffee, alcohol, energy drinks, chocolate and any other stimulants unless it is a really special occasion.

Don’t be prejudiced

To be able to turn your life, weight and health around, get rid of the prejudice that “health nuts” eat tasteless and boring food. Start experimenting with some alkaline recipes and soon you will discover, and become used to, a totally different way of eating which is just as pleasing to the palate but able to make you look and feel stronger and younger than ever.

The Alkaline Diet has a great recipe book as bonus material and also a shopping guide.

Click here to see if it’s suitable for you (verified link)



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