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The Alkaline Diet
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The Alkaline Diet


The Alkaline Diet is more than a diet, but a way of eating. It’s designed to keep the body in ideal acid/alkaline (pH) balance. A large number of studies have been done on the subject, but Emma Deangela has taken it upon herself to condence all the research into acomprehensive and easy to follow diet program, including food charts, recipes and shopping tips.

Many men and women get to a point in life when they’re just not comfortable in their own skin anymore. Some people have developed minor chronic illnesses, some people cannot get their weight down to what it should be, and others are constantly lethargic and fatigued. Bloating is also common. If these people ignore their state of health, they risk getting even more serious illnesses such as cancer or heart disease.

There are many symptoms and illnesses that can happen to human beings but basically they all have one root cause, and that is bad eating.

Of course we all know that junk food is bad for us, but it’s not common knowledge that large quantities of meat, refined flour, sugar and milk can be really bad for us. Unhealthy foods are often disguised as health food, and so a “vitamin drink”, corn syrup, yoghurt or whole-wheat muffins can easily make their way into the stomachs of unsuspecting victims.

Nutrition influences the acid-alkaline balance of the body, and pH sensibility is one thing all living organisms have in common. The optimal human blood Ph should be 7.35-7.45. If it lies anywhere outside of this range, the body is in inbalance and won’t function properly. Today’s modern way of eating objectively causes acidification of the blood, and measures should be taken to become aware of what will cause acidification and what will not.

What is the Alkaline Diet Plan?

The Alkaline Diet is a way of eating that keeps the body in its optimal Ph balance. Many independent studies have been done but Emma Deangela has taken it upon herself to collect all the studies and condense them into a comprehensive program with food charts, recipes and shopping tips.

Fruit and vegetables are generally alkalinizing, whereas meat, milk and carbohydrates are acidifying. This is not to say that protein, dairy products and carbs must be eliminated from the diet, but it is necessary to know how and when to eat them.

The Alkaline Diet Plan causes weight loss even if there is no calorie restriction involved. It also causes people to gain back their stamina and health.

Third Party Studies on the Alkaline Diet

A Study published by the US National Library of Medicine, The Journal of Environmental and Public Health, confirms that there is a correlation between blood pH and state of health, and invites peers to do more controlled studies in this area.

Dr. Dean Ornish, head of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, California did a test on 30 men with low risk prostate cancer and discovered that after 3 months of exercise and alkaline diet their genes had actually started behaving in another way altogether. In this study, published in the journal of the National Academy of Sciences, it was said that “the activity of disease-preventing genes increased while a number of disease-promoting genes, including those involved in prostate cancer and breast cancer, shut down”.

Skeptics on the subject will say that your body will keep a pH balance no matter what you eat. This may be so, but the processes the body has to undergo to maintain this balance deplets the body of its minerals. Also, the basis of the Alkaline Diet is to eat plenty of alkalizing fruit and vegetables and eliminate sugar, and we have yet to meet a Doctor that tells us this is bad! It has been proven over time that people who eat alkaline foods regularly actually preserve muscle mass a lot better than people who eat mainly acidic foods, to the extent that older adults do not lose the usual 4.4 pounds of lean tissue per decade. Also, a Dutch study showed the connection between the consumption of sugar and the presence of advanced glycation end products or AGEs which greatly reduce skin elasticity (anti-aging).

User Reviews

Out of the many thank-you letters which we saw on the official site, we were rather interested by the testimony of Darlene Drake from USA who healed from a bad skin condition thanks to the Alkaline Diet. She says that her skin problem started off with a rash on her hands and just got worse and worse until both her arms were covered, her neck was covered and one ear was swollen. After just two weeks of the Alkaline Diet she started seeing an improvement and over the following 2 months she healed completely.

As an independent authoprity, we visited whose slogan is “Educating instead of medicating”. There was a long thread of many people doing the Alkaline Diet and suggesting this or that. They seemed to be satisfied and getting the desired results. Also, forum offers plenty of references to related clinical studies.

The Down side to eating Alkaline Diet Foods

Well, there is one absolutely important negative aspect, and that is that a plate of vegetables will never be as pleasurable to eat as a smoking hot pizza or hamburger!

The recipes provided are indeed very tasty but the presentation video on the official site makes it all sound a little too simple. Eating an Alkaline Diet involves planning your meals and carefully selecting what to eat when eating out. Society in general eats in a very unhealthy way, and it’s easy to get tempted to just “go with the flow”. Doing the Alkaline diet takes commitment, especially in the beginning, whilst you are creating new eating habits for yourself.

Also, greatly increasing the consumption of fruit and vegetables means greatly increasing the quantity of pesticides you eat. It thus becomes necessary to buy organic fruit and veg, which could be more expensive and harder to find.

Buying Advice – Product Details

The product includes
  • The Alkaline Diet Manual – Everything you need to know to implement your diet. Meal analysis, a detailed food list and step by step guidance in the alkalizing process
  • The Alkaline Diet Success Journal – This is a journal that you will have to fill in to help you stay focused and keep track of your daily progress. It also helps hold you accountable to yourself, which is an important part of the self-realization process.
  • The Alkaline Food Shopping Guide – All the assistance you will need in programming your shopping
  • The Quick Start Guide – A simplified manual which you can read in 15 minutes and use to get you started whilst you go through all the other materials
  • Alkaline Recipes – Tasty recipes that are easy to prepare and that will re-introduce you to the natural flavors of food.
  • Top 10 Nutrition Mistakes – The most common weight loss pitfalls to avoid and tips which can make an immediate difference to your state of health
  • Acid/Alkaline Food chart – a reference chart to be able to see at a glance which foods are acidic and which foods are alkaline.

There is a full 60 day money back guarantee and the refund request is processed quickly and efficiently through the e-mail (we have tried it ourselves)
The purchase price on offer is $39.97 for those who access it through our verified link below. The special offer is renewed weekly on our site and we have no idea for how long we will have it still.



On the whole we find this product to deliver what’s promised. Even though the short term relationship between nutrition and blood Ph is controversial, the long term effects of an Alkaline style diet seem to be backed by good scientific studies.

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